Ectopic pregnancy. Had 3 hpt they were negative?

Sometimes , not. Commonly you can have an ectopic with a negative home test as the ectopic could have a very low bhcg that is only detected by a blood preg test.

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I am three days late, no bleeding light cramping for the last couple days. All HPT have been negative. Could be a pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy?

Repeat test. You should repeat the pregnancy test in 3-4 days. Use first morning urine and follow the instructions for the test carefully. Alternatively you could get a blood test for HCG that will settle the issue now.
If you do not wish to be pregnant, use contraception all the time, every time. You may consider implanted contraceptive, or IUD.
Practice safe sex if you have sex.
Get HPV vaccine, if you are younger than 27 years. Read more...

Had 3 negative hpt. Is it still possible to have ectopic pregnancy?

Probably not. You do not have an actively growing ectopic if you have a negative pregnancy test. You could have had an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy that became non-viable, if that is the case it should resolve on its own. Read more...

I'm having anxiety about ectopic pregnancy for 2months but I have my periods and its really weird and not normal. I also had lower rigthpain but neg. Hpt?

Consult your doctor. If you are having periods and the home pregnancy test is negative it is unlikely that you have an ectopic pregnancy.You may have a cyst on the ovary or an infection, this may cause the pain you describe. See your doctor and he/she will evaluate the pain and most likely order a blood pregnancy test to help rule out a pregnancy. Read more...

I just took 2 hpt, both were positive. I had an ectopic pregnancy about 11 months ago, so scared I'm going to have another one...likely hood??

Recurrent Ectopic PG. You are justifiably concerned about a 2nd ectopic pregnancy with this pregnancy as often the intra-tubal obstructions that were present in the 1st pregnancy are also still present in the 2nd. There is a 10 % chance of that occurring. The good news is that you are very aware of the possibility so "run" do not "walk" to your OB GYN now and get the necessary testing for intrauterine pregnancy. Read more...