Are there links between laryngomalacia and aversion to foods?

Dairy? I have seen a number of babies do poorly on dairy-based formulas or when their breastfeeding mothers drank milk. Rarely, soy can also be an issue. Discuss this with the ent. It may be an issue of a more restricted diet for a breastfeeding mom or a different formula. Note that lactose free doesn't mean dairy free.
Gi symptoms. Other associated symptoms include: Poor weight gain Difficulty with feeding Vomiting or spitting up Choking on food Stops breathing Chest and / or neck retractions (chest and / or neck sinking in with each breath Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) (spitting up of acid from the stomach)
Sometimes. Sometimes infants with laryngomalacia aspirate and so develop an oral aversion. This goes away when the aspiration resolves.