There are red spots on my feet that are not itchy, help?

Red Spots. Could be caused by so many different things that an exam by your doctor would be best.
red spots. I agree with dr bowman - it can be a lot of things and an exam is the best course of action. Good luck.

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I have red spots under my feet uts not itchy however it hurts alot?

Dermatology question. Hello: From a dermatology standpoint, red spots can mean many different issues with the skin. I would recommend having your feet checked by a foot specialist to evaluate your vascular integrity to the skin and to assess your overall health status. Read more...

The bottom of my feet suddenly got very itchy yesterday that I couldn't sleep well and I just noticed there are red spots there. What can I do?

Possibly...... W/out seeing them, it could be so many things. Maybe chigger bites or flea bites or allergic reaction to seasonal things that have started to grow. Internal allergic possibilities too! Shoe it to a Dr or at least a good pharmacist for opinion. Try Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and/or an OTC itch ointment. Launder sheets & socks in very hot water/bleach. Try diluted vinegar on soles. Best! Read more...