Adenocarcinoma-non-small-cell lung cancer. How many people are doing ok after 1 year from diagnosis?

Stage and biology. It depends on the stage, the biology/genetic profiles, the treatment you received, age, overall condition etc. The earlier your stage is the higher your overall survival percentage is- off course providing that you receive the appropriate treatment. Discuss in detail with your oncologist.
Survival rate. Chances of 1 year survival are about 90% for people with stages i & ii non small cell lung cancer. That drops to 40% for stage iii, and less than 20% for stage iv.
Depends. Depends on the surgical staging. Consult your board certified thoracic surgeon or your medical oncologist for advise regarding treatment and 5 year survival statistics.
Depends on stage,etc. Survival and disese free interval are based on many important factors, including stage of cancer, grade of tumor, type of treatment, and potentially the molecular profile of the tumor.

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What should I know about nsclc (non small cell lung cancer)?

Smoking. It is frequently caused by smoking. There is too much to discuss in 400 words! try this: http://www.Cancer.Gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/non-small-cell-lung/patient/page1. Read more...
Several items. Small cell is most unfortunate prognosis other lung cells can become malignant and if found early can be removed with good results. Since the lungs are large and cancer can start anywhere in the lung, symptoms are late! regular checkups and periodic x-rays or ct scans may show unsuspected lesions which are curable.Do not smoke and reduce your risk of any of these. Read more...