I have abdominal pain in one area on the right side? Could it be constipation or appendicitis?

Suspect 4 appendix. This sounds suspicious for appendicitis or cholecystitis (gall bladder) or nephritis (kidney).
Don't wait. Go see a doctor and find out. Especially if it is getting worse, not better, or if you have any nausea/vomiting. We'd rather tell you it's nothing than have you stay home with a bad appendix.
Either or Neither. Right sided abdominal pain could be related to any organ there which includes the appendix, colon, liver, kidney, gallbladder or ovarian. See a doctor for further evaluation.
Vague. Get to a Dr. Or ER asap and be evaluated. Better safe than sorry and putting off may make things much worse.
Both or neither. Right sided abdominal pain needs to be evaluated urgently in the er if associated with fever, vomiting or if the pain is oppressive and interfering with normal activities. Chronic recurrent pain without progression of symptoms may be due to chronic intestinal inflammation and needs to be evaluated in an office setting.