Are there any long term adulthood effects after getting a cleft lip or palate repaired?

Cleft lip and palate. Ideally, once a cleft lip or palate is repaired, there will be normal growth and speech development. However, there are inherent risks with surgery for cleft lip and palate. The biggest of these risks lies with cleft palate surgery, where an opening in the palate may recur leading to a nasal voice and passage of liquids between the nasal and oral cavity. Treatment requires further surgery.
Yes. Cleft lip and palate can significantly affect the tooth formation as well as maturation of the nose and mid face. Hopefully the cleft palate repair will prevent future speech problems but that is not guaranteed. Most children will eventually need additional surgery as they get older.
Yes, sometimes. Yes, dental, speech, appearance, sinus, and psychosocial issues can all appear or persist into adulthood. Many cleft teams will see adults, or the individual team members will in their offices.
Possible. Hopefully the correct procedures were done at the correct time. However, long term dental arch relapse is possible if retainers are not worn correctly. Scar tissue can retract and change arch shape. Incomplete closure of bony fissures can cause problems with periodontal defects. However, usually no problems!