What is a non toxic uninodular goiter?

A nodule. Hi. A non-toxic uninodular goiter means you have a nodule in the thyroid that is NOT autonomously over-producing thyroid hormone. There is a risk the nodule is a thyroid cancer, so your doctor will probably send you to an endocrinologist to get a fine needle aspiration biopsy. If the nodule is benign, you leave it alone; if it's cancer, you head down that path (most are benign). Good luck.

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What exactly does nontoxic uninodular goiter mean/?

Goiter. Goiter is simple enlargement of the thyroid gland. Most often, it's due to insufficient dietary iodine or familial inheritance. Non-toxic means that you are not producing an abnormal amount of thyroid hormone. Uninodular would specifically mean that you have a single nodule within the thyroid. Usually a solitary nodule should be evaluated with needle biopsy or followed closely with ultrasound. Read more...

Can a nontoxic uninodular goiter become cancerous?

May need biopsy. A solitary nodule in a goiter, that is "cold" on scan, needs to be biopsied by someone who is good at this. Although the likelihood of cancer is low, maybe 10%, but it needs to be checked out. Read more...