I hurt my ankle badly 30 days ago my doc said it likely wasn't a sprain and got an x-ray. It wasn't fractured its still sore fast should I be worried?

Pain is . An indication something is wrong. Keep in mind x-rays only show bone. If pain is persistent and MRI might be considered for further evaluation of soft tissue structures and talar dome injuries which are not visible on plain films.
Ligament tear? Sounds like you need to go to the next step. Usually if the X-ray is negative you look for a soft tissue problem like a severely sprained or ligament tear.
Have it evaluated. Swelling may last a long time following a foot or ankle injury. An x-ray can show if there is an underlying fracture. The x-rays may be falsely negative initially in cases of small stress fractures. You may have a soft tissue injury if it is just a sprain and may have damaged the muscle, tendon, or ligaments in the area. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.