Small black mole, rough, 1/4 inch high appeared overnight. Unique. I exfoliated it off, all that is left is bleeding red pinpoint. Skin cancer?

ABCDEs of Melanoma. The abcdes of melanoma are:a=asymmetry(one half unlike the other half), b=border (irregular, scalloped, poorly defined border), c=color (varied from one are to another), d=diameter (while melanomas are usually greater than 6mm they can be smaller when diagnosed), e=evolving(change in size, shape, color).Hope this helped :].
I doubt it. Skin cancer, other than melanoma would be very unusual in a 17 year old. Melanoma is typically not rough on the surface and it would be difficult to 'exfoliate' it without a lot of bleeding. Watch the site for a few months...If it recurs then you need to see a dermatologist to treat it well next time.