To minimize any steroid absorption, how many times/day and for how many days you apply anusol hc 2.5%cream to treat internal hemorrhoid inflammation.?

Daily. Apply the cream daily. If you have a bowel movement then do a sitz bath then the cream. This should minimize the itch. Hopefully the duration of treatment is less than a week. In general if you treat yourself for a week and notice no improvement then see your doctor. Hope this helps.

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Which is more effective and common treatment for internal hemorrhoids inflammation: canasa 1000 mg suppository or anusol hc 2.5% cream. Thanks.

Canasa/Anusol. To treat internal hemorrhoid, i would recommend Anusol Hc 2.5% cream instead of canasa. Canasa enema is used to treat inflammation on the left side of the colon in ulcerative colitis. Suggest high fiber diet with diet supplement (goal of 25-30 grams per day), adequate hydration, avoid straining, avoid soap at anal area. If all failed, hemorrhoidal banding or other modalities. Read more...