I had oral surgery to remove a maxillary cyst 8 weeks ago, how long until the numbness in my gum and face subside?

It depends. On where the cyst was, how the surgery went and your. Own natural healing ability. The person that can give you the best estimate is your surgeon.
Numbness. In most cases, the numbness would have already subsided. There have been cases where it takes up to one year to resolve and sometimes it is permanent. The doctor who did the surgery would be the best one to discuss this issue with you.

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I had maxillary surgery to remove a cyst 3 months ago now! How long should my gum be numb for and pins and needles in the face along with runny nose?

Depends. No one answer for everyone, but in general, sensory nerves can take anywhere from 3mos to a year to recover after surgery. Pins and needles are a commonly described sensation during this phase of healing. Depending on the type of maxillary surgery you had, the 'runny nose' can rarely represent a more serious issue. Talk with your surgeon! Read more...