Why does my little finger have a tingling sensation? Carpal tunnel?

Unlikely. This is unlikely because the little finger is not innervated by the median nerve which is compressed in carpal tunnel syndrome. However it could be due to other nerve compression syndromes such as occurs in guyon's canal.
No. This usually the sister to carpal tunnel. It is called cubital tunnel. It can involve the ring finger as well.
Pinched nerve. This is most likely a pinch nerve, either in the neck or in the elbow from a condition called cubital tunnel syndrome. I would start with a hand surgeon for an evaluation.

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My little fingers go numb, I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel but they tell me the little finger is not carpal tunnel?

Your fifth digit. Is the ulnar nerve territory typically affected by pressure or trauma at the cubital tunnel otherwise known as your "funny-bone".
Cubital tunnel. Involvement of the little finger causing numbness and tingling is generally a sign of ulnar nerve involvement. This is also known as cubital tunnel syndrome. All the best.
Ulnar tunnel. See a hand surgeon for examination and possibly EMG if uncertain.
CTS... Depends on how you were diagnosed with carpal tunnel - clinically or by emg/nerve conduction study, the latter can detect whether there is any ulnar nerve entrapment.

I have numbess in my little finger and ring finger and my middle finger. One doctor says its carpal tunnel and pt says it's not.

PT correct, CTS=.... ..Thumb, index, middle, and thumb side of the ring finger. Further studies need b done, as this also doesn't fit a distal ulnar neuropathy @ the elbow ;/or wrist. Image omitted the adjacent 1/2 of the ring finger.

Stiffness in little finger. Loss of grip strength. Sever pain in hand when little finger is pressured. Xray shows no abnormalities. Not Carpal tunnel.

Could be. Ulnar nerve problem, typically compression at elbow. If it is just one side only, it is not likely rheumatoid arthritis. Consult a hand surgeon for specific advice.

Carpel tunnel--are symptoms hand tingling and finger spasms?

Yes and no. Typical carpal tunnel symptoms are numbness and tingling. The fingers most affected are the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers. Finger spasms may be related, but could also be from a different cause.
Yes. Twitching is a possible symptom, though not that common. Most common are tingling in the thumb, index, middle and half of the ring finger. Night pain is also common. You should be evaluated.