How helpful is a pelvic sonogram (ultrasound) in diagnosis of endometriosis?

Endo dx. Only of there is a mass, ultrsound is very non specific tool. Laparoscopy continues to be the gold standard for the diagnosis of endometriosis.
Right now iffy. But getting better. Severe endometriosis (ovarian endometriomas for example) are easily identified on vaginal ultrasound. Also MRI techniques are becoming better. Still nothing beats a history and physical exam and a trial of birth control pills to suppress menses and hopefully pain related to endometriosis.

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Can the pelvic ultrasound be enough to diagnose endometriosis?

In the. Right clinical context, there are US findings that can support the diagnosis. However, those findings are not specific for endometriosis. Also, a normal ultrasound does not exclude endometriosis.

Would a trans vaginal ultrasound/pelvic ultrasound detect endometriosis?

Give indication. Xr, and anything without direct visualization give an indication as to what is suspected. The symptoms, the exam and the history makes a doctor arrive at a diagnosis as the most likely thing. If in doubt, then direct visualization needed. I hope that gives you reassurance.

I am taking bc pills continuously for endometriosis and have been having increased pelvic pain. The sonogram shows heterogenous uterus with 8mm endometrium? What is next step?

Endometrial Biopsy. Your gyn may want to stop the pills and rescan or collect an endometrial biopsy next. Other options may include a d;c or endometrial ablation depending on your medical history.
Adenomyosis? It's possible the heterogeneous uterus that was shown on ultrasound is adenomyosis. This is when there are glands in the uterus itself (similar to endometriosis inside the uterine muscle- the myometrium). Ask your doc about a "gnrh agonist" like Depo-Provera lupron (leuprolide). This would simulate menopause, but it can also help greatly with the pain of endometriosis or adenomyosis. You may need a hysterectomy if bad.

If I have a transvaginal ultrasound done and they still say nothing is wrong, should I push for a pelvic laprascopy? Have all the symptoms of endometriosis and have had tests done and dr's tell me see nothing wrong. Have very heavy and painful menstruatio

Please. Please get another opinion. If you have failed all conservative treatment, then a laparoscopy may be indicated. Write down all of the treatments you have tried, and also let them know if you have failed oral contraceptives, Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud, and lupron. Ask what all your treatment options are.
Hmmm, this can be. A tough one. Painful, heavy menses can be remedied with a trial of birth control pills or other forms of hormonal suppression depending on your medical history, etc. Might be best to try this before pursuing laparoscopy. Okay to ask your doctor about their opinion on surgery. Answer will depend on your particular situation. Don't be afraid to bring it up and one can also seek a second opinion.