Can somebody undergo laparoscopy and still have the diagnosis of endometriosis missed?

Yes. At times endometriosis is a very subtle disease. The endometriotic implants can vary in size and color. The colors can be clear, red, blue, brown, or black. They can appear under other organs and can usually be found by experience dlaparoscopic surgeons.
Yes. Endometriosis can be missed even with laparoscopy. A small amount of visible endometriosis can cause significant symptoms. Some gyn surgeons have more expertise in evaluating, diagnosing and treating endometriosis. Any laparoscopy is an excellent opportunity to make the diagnosis and aggressively remove all visible lesions.
Endo. Yes, depending on the surgeons expertise, specially if there are atypical lesions and or retropreitoneal fibrosis that are not unroofed. You may not have endometriosis but ic/paiful bladder syndrome for example.
Yes. An experienced gynecologist is not likely to miss endometriosis, however it is possible. Endometriosis implants begin as microscopic lesions not visible to the naked eye - they may grow for months or years until they are visible. However, the implants could still cause pain even before they are large enough to be recognized at the time of laparoscopy.
Location. Depending on the experience of the surgeon and the location of the endometriosis. An MRI can help if the endometriosis is deep into the pelvis.
Yes. Yes, but it is only possible if the endometriosis is very small. Chances are probably less than 10 per cent that it would be missed.