Symptoms of a scrotal anal fistula?

You may. Mean fissure. A fistula going from the rectum to the scrotum would be life threatening. A fissure creates severe pain and is like a crack in the skin. If concerned about either you need to get seen.

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What are symptoms of an anal fistula? I'm having some itching and it seems like I can never wipe good. Had Normal colonoscopy and endoscope recently.

A number of symptoms. Symptoms of an anal fistula include skin irritation around the anus, a throbbing pain, and a discharge of pus or blood when you have a bowel movement. In addition you may have odor, fever, or swelling in the area. An anal fistula may be due to an abscess or an underlying inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn's disease. A normal colonoscopy and endoscopy are reassuring. Read more...

If I had an anal fistula what would be the exact symptoms and would they become more obvious after I had just been to the toilet?

Before treatment... Could you be referring to fissures, fistula, abscess? Sexually transmitted disease (syphilis, gc, hiv, etc.) should be considered. Hemorrhoids & rectal prolapse can appear as an outward bulging. Anal trauma of any kind may cause mechanical injury. Skin eruptions need to be considered. Evaluation is recommended to distinguish serious versus less concerning reasons for your problem before treatment. Read more...