Where do you go if you have epilepsy and need some dental work? What kind of anesthesia?

Depends. The answer really depends on what kind of dental work you need, and how well-controlled your epilepsy is. With well-controlled epilepsy, a procedure normally done under local anesthesia at the dentist's office can still be performed there. Local anesthesia should not interact with your epilepsy, unless the anesthetic is injected mistakenly into a blood vessel. A careful dentist can reduce the risk.
A Dentist. If the dentist is aware of your condition, it generally shouldn't be a reason not to have work done. Although most local anesthetics can cause seizures in very high doses, the minute amount required for dental anesthesia shouldn't be a problem.
Dentist. Most of the procedures that a dentist can be handled with a local anesthetic. If you need more anesthesia then you need to discuss this with your dentist and the anesthesiologist.