What can cause selling in your lower leg. There is no discoloration, but some minor pain. There are no cuts or bruises. The swelling is not severe?

Varicose veins. The heart pumps blood, under great pressure, out into the arteries, but the blood must return to the heart in veins, which are thinned walled. There is no pump on the return, vein side, and as we get older, some veins bulge and swell, and even leak fluid into the local skin. These are varicose veins and they may cause swelling or a bulge on the lower leg. Keep your legs up, and see your doctor.
Fluid or clot. Swelling of both legs equally usually represents fluid overload-do you ahve a history of heart failure, kidney disease or high blood pressure. If so, your doctor may rx a "fluid pill". Avoid excess salt in the diet. Alternatively, if only one leg is swollen, that could mean a blood clot- fortunately uncommon, but if missed it can cause serious harm.