What can I do or take to gain weight?

Exercise. Eat a healthy diet and do resistance training (weight lifting) to build lean muscle mass. Muscle weighs 4 times more than fat--so lay off the sugar and diet sodas. Avoid the desire to overheat and just get fat! too many health risks! if still having problems, consider talking to your pcp about potential endocrine (thyroid?) problems. Good luck. (lol-the picture shows one other way...).

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I'm 21 with 2kids, 4 an 3yrs. I'm 5ft flat an 95lbs an I hate being skinny. What can I do/take to help gain weight fast. I've never worked out but I can.

Medically speaking. Did u used to weigh more? How is your appetite? Have you always been thin or is it related to stress? Are you nauseated a lot? Did u see a doc to make sure u dont have a thyroid issue? Let's say you have been losing weight from stress, raising 2 children not easy, not sleeping well. A drug called Mirtazapine at 15 mg at night can help anxiety, insomnia and appetite. If not stress will help 2. Read more...