Please help me I am so confused and scared to be fat I don't want to be fat what is the healthy food that's I should eat and what should I avoid?

Action over emotion. I will share your question with experts in the field. Also take a moment to look at my health guide on healthy eating for families https://www. Healthtap. Com/health_guide/23.
I am concerned. About you total focus on the word "fat". It almost sounds as though you are obsessed with the word/concept. Along with the other excellent suggestions, please make an appointment with a therapist to get a better handle on a healthy body image.
Scared, confused, fat. You are using the word "fear'. If you are feeling, fear, worry, anxious, panicked, beside diet and weight control I would like to recommend you visit your pcp, talk about your worry, . ....In other hand, depending of age, sex, height, actual weight, the best is aerobic exercises, low carbo, white meat, water, low salted food, vegetables, colories per day, depends f, m, age......