Fleisher et al (Neurology, 2011) found Depakote accelerated brain atrophy in Alzheimer's. Should those with family history of Alz. Avoid Depakote?

Depakote and AD. Depakote is an excellent choose for seizures and comportment issues with most cortical degenerative processes . .
Not so simple. Your statement is taken out of context. First, Depakote does not cause alzheimer's or make it worse, and may help the symptom of agitation. Second, this dementia causes accelerated brain atrophy as part of the process. Third, a family history is not necessarily a direct link to alzheimer's, as this is far more complex. Many pts where Depakote is not appropriate, but this isn't one.
Probably not. That is just one study. So, it might not pan out as a real finding. Secondly, if the Depakote is helping a lot (migraines, seizures, whatever) then it is probably better to take it. Thirdly, a family history doesn't tell us if you will get the disease.
No -- not indicated. If you read the whole paper http://tinyurl.Com/ko5p9pc fleisher et al state: "interpretations of these results are limited with respect to clinical and pathologic implications." over 24 months they found no cognitive, neuropsychiatric, or functional differences between groups, and no overall differences in cognitive change over time. At 12 months, there was a decline in mmse in the Depakote group.
Depakote . This study refers to patients that have been diagnosed with alzheimer's- more recent studies actually appear to show Depakote (valproic acid) may be useful in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. We even use depakote for alzheimer's patients with bipolar disease or bpsd (behavioral ; psychological symptoms related to dementia). If recommend you discuss your concerns with your prescriber.