My last cycle puts my pregnancy at 7w. My gs was measured at my first us and it puts my pregnancy at 10w. I heard a heart beat. Is there a problem?

IUP. The ultrasound is more accurate at this time so you conceived earlier. If you aren't having any symptoms, the pregnancy is okay.
Probably not. If there is a fetal heart beat, then the pregnancy is likely normal. The gs measurement is not a reliable predictor of gestational age. The fetal heart beat is usually detectable by ultrasound by about 6 weeks gestation and by external doppler by about 9 weeks.

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My last cycle started 7 weeks ago. At my first us my gs estimated my pregnancy at 10 weeks. There was a heart beat. Is there a potential problem?

??? If u had a first trimester us with a normal fetal htbeat then that should be able able to date your pregnancy within 2-3 days either way should not be a 3 week difference please discuss with your ob. Read more...
Unclear. Are you asking.... If i bled 7 weeks ago, is it okay if my pregnancy is 10 weeks, will my pregnancy be okay? Bottom line, bleeding in pregnancy affects 25% of all pregnancies in 1st trimester. The fact that you saw a heartbeat decreases your risk for miscarriage significantly. At this point, follow doctor's instructions re pregnancy, but sounds like it's okay. Read more...