Do you thing the radiation I got from head CT scan 3 years ago gave me a brain tumor-im asking because im having a brain tumor symptoms now im worry?

No. The latency period for cancer induction is at least 5-10 years and the radiation dose from a routine head ct is neglible.
very unlikely. Radiation can indeed cause brain tumors, but the risk is related to the dose of radiation and is most common with radiation therapy, that is lots of dose to treat an existing brain tumor. It is highly improbable that a diagnostic ct scan you had 3 years ago has caused a brain tumor. See your doctor for an explanation of your symptoms, which you have not described here.
See below. It is unlikely to develop brain cancer fron one ct scan 3 yrs ago. If you are concerned with your symptoms, pls see yoir dr to get answers. Good luck.
Probably not. The dose from a single ct scan probably would not cause you to develop a brain tumors. Most brain tumor are sporadic. It pretty much impossible to predict who will develop one and why. Please see your doctor if you are worried.