I have a numb feeling on toes of both feet. After blood tests a neurology doctor recommend vitamins b1 and b6, is that likely to solve the problem?

May do !! If the diagnosis of a vitamin deficiency is correct the symptoms will improve. This sounds like peripheral neuropathy but your neurologist must have told you and has done or will do the appropriate tests.
Tingling toes. Tingling toes is commonly from damage to the ends of nerves. Early diabetes, abnormal thyroid levels, B12 deficiency and alcohol are common causes. B6 can help, but excess b6 (more than 200 mg/day) can cause that problem. The solution is to find out the specific cause is before treating. If alcohol, stop. If thyroid, treat. If B12 deficiency, high dose oral replacement. If diabetes, treat.
B1B6. If the blodd levels of b1b2 were low then it may help.I suppose you had the levels done, but if the levels are normal then i doubt if it will help.All the best.
May Help. If the blood tests indicated deficiency of either or both of these vitamins, replacing the same should help.
Not likely. Ask ur neurologist if "all" the tests for neuropathy were done and for the evidence he based his opinion on. If "all" the tests were (-) and u have objective evidence. -- it should be recognized that among the most common causes is "unknown".