To start had norm stress test, ECG norm except late trans, cta chest norm and holter norm but getting left side chest pain under breast and into shoulder. Bp fine. Pos Lyme test. Serious? Muscular?

Lab tests. Your cardiac labs are fine. The positive lyme titer is of some concern. The symptom is nonspecific and not a high probability for being heart caused. Should discuss with your doctor about musculoskeletal and also the signficance if any of the positive lyme titer.
Need angio. Stress test could be false negative specially woman, but if you have risk factors like smoking, family hosptry of premature cab, personal history of htn, diabetes, dyslipidema then i would see cardio for further invasive testing like angiogram. You cannot lable it as musculoskeletal unless it is completely ruled out of cad.

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