I get a second of lost of breath in my neck/throat with what feels like a heart palpitation but sometimes with out the feeling of a heart palpitation?

Extrabeats in the. Form of premature ventricular and atrial contraction can give you a sensation of on second lost of breath. How was your ekg? If you continue with the symptoms a holter test that check your hear rhythm and rate in a period of 24 hrs or more will be a possibility. Also avoid coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, street drugs. Any associated symptoms?. A good history and physical by a physician recommended.

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I had heart palpitations (pvcs) for 2 straight days like every 10 min some with feeling of out of breath in throat. They stopped today is this normal?

If you feel out of. Breath, this would deserve more workup and possible medications for prevention. Make an appointment with your primary care doctor soon and avoid caffeine meanwhile. Read more...