I have had a heavy mucus discharge from my rectum for about six years. Had delorme procedure done now have no bowel control and still heavy mucus?

Recurrence. There is a high rate of recurrence after the delorme procedure, although it is a good way to avoid a major abdominal operation with less risk of complications. Discuss this with your colorectal surgeon, as you may benefit from other options if you have no major medical problems. Recurrences happen after "perineal" approaches like the delorme procedure more often than "transabdominal" approaches.

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Have had heavy mucus discharge from rectum for 6 yrs. Had delorme procedure done in 2010 and now have no bowel control and still have heavy mucus?

See your CR surgeon. Sorry to hear this. This is too complex to adequately discuss in this forum, so please make contact with your colorectal surgeon immediately and schedule a consultation. Recruit the help of your primary physician if necessary to make said appointment. Good luck. Read more...