I am getting light headed a lot & have started to have constant head aches, & shoulder pain that radiates through my face and shoulder. Please help?

Complex. You need to see a doctor to find out what is wrong. Could be caused by several different things, including migraines, cervical spine disease, or psychological problems with anxiety.
Carotid artery? Dissection of a carotid artery can cause similar symptoms. This results in narrowing of the artery with reduction of brain blood flow. But shoulder pain is usually not too prominent. Other blood vessel disorders should be considered. Consult your doctor soon.

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I have 2 marble size lumps in my head on the bottom of my skull. I get really bad headaches and get light headed a lot, also my eyes feel really sore?

See a neurologist. It is nearly impossible via this forum to determine the pathological nature of the "lumps" you describe. They require examination by a physician. As per the headaches and lightheadeness, they can be part of a migrane syndrome or be associated with another medical condition. Again, a consultation with you physician is recommended. Read more...

I continously loose my breath, feel chest pain and start to feel dizzy or light headed, what could thi be. I also get alot of head aches?

Could be many things. hi - your symptoms are broad and could be many things. Because you are young your symptoms are less likely to be related to coronary artery disease. But with chest pain and shortness of breath, it is possible that your symptoms are related to your heart or some other condition that warrants attention. It is best to be evaluated in person by a doctor. . Read more...

Whats wrong with me when I get headaches, my head burns up, my neck hurts, my shoulder & arms have sharp pain, light headed, blurred vision.

Migrane or fibromyal. It is possible you have true migrane headaches neck and shoulder trigger points associated with fibromyalgia also can cause these symptoms but that's still not all the possibilities you may need to see a neurologist. Read more...