What do doctors think about accupuncture (sp?)? It seems mysterious to me, but somehow has helped a lot of people I know.

I am supportive. The chinese have used this therapy for a few thousand years before western medicine began.Many of my patients have found relief without harm for a multitude of problems.Does this means that it is "evidence based" or "double blinded placebo controlled"-no-but i really do not think it harmful unless you rely on this to diagnose or treat a dangerous (think bowel cancer) problem.
It has helped me too. Many western trained physicians are not accepting of approaches for which there are not clear scientific explanations. Please check out the world health organization list of conditions that can be treated by acupuncture. A study released in the archives of internal medicine (10 sept 2012); reviewed 29 studies involving almost 18, 000 people; indicated that acupuncture had positive results.
Disagree. I think acupuncture is voodoo. It can be harmful in that people go to their acupuncturist in good faith, and they dishonestly portray their methods as effective against a variety of conditions that are in dire need of real medicine. I suppose there are exceptions to this; that is acupuncturists who tell people that they need to go see a doctor, but I have never found one.