If you have scars from stitches, can they be removed? If so, how? And how "perfect" is the removal? Thank you.

Not perfect! I am going to guess that you mean the "dots" on either side of the main scar or the "crosshatching" that can result from stitches crossing the wound. The best technique would have to be determined by exam, but dermabrasion might help on the face. Excision of the entire area and then closing the wound with sutures under the skin and glue to avoid suture marks altogether might make sense. Good luck!
Yes, usually. It depends on what part of the body the stitches were placed, and why they were placed. For example, facial scarring from surgical stitches can be fixed very well by good plastic surgery. Stitches placed for an irregular injury are harder to fix. The chest doesn't heal very well, often leaving a scar that is stretched. Have a plastic surgeon look at the scar.