Tibia fracture with two screws placed surgically. How many months do I have to wait to get them removed? What will recovery from the removal be like?

Usually 8 months or. More. Most will leave hardware well after the fracture is healed. Between 8 months to a year after implantation, it can be safe to remove if needed. Removal recommended only if symptomatic or troublesome. Fracture healing is primary concern, many screws and hardware constructs can remain implanted indefinitely, if not causing symptoms. Screw removal recovery is 2 weeks if the bone is healed.
Loaded question. If the 2 screws are the only implants holding the fracture in place then you typically wait until fracture healed and remodeled - 9 to 12 months. If the screws are associated with another implant - such as a "nail" for example - they can be removed a few months earlier if bothersome. Recovery is usually very quick, 10-14 days, but you may need to avoid certain activities while the bone strengthens.