How long after kidney stone removal w/ laser, should it take to pass resididual fragments. Much sharp stinging in penis - stent in- blood in urine?

Stents. Ureteral stents can be very uncomfortable. Blood in the urine and burning with urination are common symptoms of stents. Likely your symptoms will improve when the stent is removed.
Depend.... The duration for passing fragments widely varies reflecting individual ureteral function & size of stone fragments; occasionally, stone frags may be still passing up to 2-3 months. As to hurting, it depends on degree of related inflammation and location and length of the stent. Most can bear with such with judicious use of pain med. For yours, asking your urologist is easiest to do. Best to health.

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I had a stent put in from kidney stone removal, I got the stent out today and I'm experience stinging in the penis and bloody urine. Is this normal?

Stent out today. It is normal to see blood and have burning, but if it persists this can be an infx....If you don't improve in 24 to 48 hours see your doc. Read more...
Normal. You have just had urethral instrumentation. Some blood and penile (urethral) irritation is normal. Blood-tinged urine is normal but not frank blood. If you have any questions, you should contact the doctor who performed the procedure tomorrow. If symptoms worsen, and you have pure blood coming from your penis, you should go to the emergency department. Read more...