Hba1c is 6.8 but microalbumin level 165. Is going up. While I am taking ACE inhibitors from 4 months. Now how to stop it? How much serious it is?

Early kidney dz. Microalbuminuria is a marker for early renal disease in diabetics specially in association with retinopathy or if duration of diabetes is over 10 years. Mantain good control of diabetes and blood pressure. Ace inhibitors are recommended to control proteinuria.. They can give you a dry cough, if a problem ask your dr to change to arb agent. Check serum bun/cr/lipids.
Diabetic nephropathy. You have 2 problems. One is your hba1c and the other is your proteinuria (p). An endocrinologist can help with the first. Your p needs to be controlled. You may ask your doctor to increase the dose of your ace-i (a) to its maximum, as p decreases in relation to the dose of a. Control of bp, p and hba1c levels are the key to preventing diabetic nephropathy. Good luck.