What are tests that could determine what is causing my frequent urination. I had a test and got a negative result for diabetes and a uti.?

Many. There are numerous tests. It can be range from blood to urine to ultrasound to mri. Instead of viewing only tests, it would be good to have a complete history and physical. There are many causes besides diabetes and a uti. There are other causes such as siadh, sepsis, pregnancy, and others.
Other causes. frequent urination could be because of multiple symptoms including bladder irritation, excessive caffeine intake, excessive fluid intake etc.

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Cause of frequent urination? Negative for uti, diabetes, negative blood test, and negative ultrasound?

Frequent urination. Assuming you have no symptoms of burning on urination or pain, causes to consider include small bladder syndrome (some people's bladders are just smaller than others) or interstitial cystitis (but usually associated with significant discomfort). Certain vaginal infections (notably herpes, but also yeast or gardneralla) can cause frequency, but also usually associated with discomfort. Read more...
Need more info.. This, without other symptoms and/or signs, is a nonspecific finding. It could be stress, or anxiety. It could simply be from drinking too much fluids, or coffee and/or soda. It could be nothing. It would be a good idea to wait a few days and try to relax, and if it persists, see your doctor for further work-up along the lines of possible urinary incontinence. Read more...