I had a thp (total hip replacement) months ago and I am still having a lot of pain, should I be concerned?

Yes. Everyone takes different amount of times to heal, however, talking it over with your doctor is never a bad idea.
Possibly. A re evaluation by your surgeon is appropriate. You should be prepared to answer questions to help determine the reason. Have you had a fever or have you been feeling ill? .Is the incision warm or red. Where is the pain? Is it different than before surgery? Does anything make the pain better or worse? Do you have night pain? Do you have any numbness or tingling?

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Hi I had total hip replacement 6 weeks ago today and am doing well walking lots without crutches but am getting persistent pain in my glutes?

6 weeks post total h. Pain is the bodies way of letting u know that u r doing to much too quickly. Ask the physiotherapist who is working with you to suggest some activity modification. Ie u may need to continue with crutches for another 4 weeks. Read more...

Could a total hip replacement cause both of my feet/ankles to swell and become red everyday? I also have CKD so I am concerned.

Timing. If you have had this operation within the past 6 weeks it so, call your orthopedic surgeon, and ask whether or not it is appropriate to check for a blood clot in your leg. If this operation was more than 6 weeks or so ago, call your primary care doctor for a proper evaluation. Hope this helps! Read more...