After doppler scan result varicose veins both lower limbs greater saphenous system due to incompetence of perforators of bilateral knee no thrombosis

Venous insufficiency. There is not enough information for me to comment. You need to know the size of the vein and the symptoms as well as the duration of reflux to help guide medical versus surgical therapy.
V V's and reflux. If you have symptomatic varicose veins and reflux then you should see a vein specialist. Medical management would be support hose but this does not solve the problem. A closure procedure of the refluxing veins would be the treatmnt of choice.
Laser vein treatment. Are you going to get it fixed? Laser treatment or endovenous ablation is 98% effective in the right hands. See a vein specialist or phlebologist. Phlebology.Org for a local referral.