Can prolonged severe anaemia cause long term heart problems? Even after the anaemia is resolved.

Heart dilation. Severe anemia decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, so the heart responds by increasing cardiac output. If the anemia is severe, one of the adaptations may be heart enlargement. Wall stress is higher in dilated ventricles, potentially, and this can lead to myocardial remodeling (scar). Repeated transfusion therapy as a treatment for anemia may lead to iron overload of the heart.
Long standing anemia. Can cause what is called high out put heart failure . This is due to mismatch in supply and demand . The heart failure should reverese once the anemia is corrected . It is hoever possible that some permanent damage my have happened . The good news is there will not be no progression of the illnesses even if it is not corrected . The prognosis of treated anemia induced heart problem is excellent .

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How bad does iron def anemia have to be before it causes heart problems? My hemo is 11 (116) and iron is 8. Have chest pain and sob and low BP and dizzyness and restless legs. So sick slways!

Much lower than that. A hemoglobin of 11 is only mildly reduced. Anemia itself will not cause cardiac or more likely issues with oxygen transport until it is much lower. Exactly how low depends on whether there are pre existing cardiovascular issues. Read more...
Different levels. Typically in a hospitalized person, i would worry about acute cardiac problem as the hemoglobin (hemo) is significantly less than 10. Iron levels can be very low in some people even 2. The real issue is why the iron problem is there (blood loss, no blood preduction or stuck somewhere in your body). Iron def can causes lots of medical things and med things can cause iron/blood loss. Check it out. Read more...