How common are eye floaters for people in their thirties?

Common. Floaters are common in all age groups. New floaters should have a medical evaluation by an ophthalmologist.

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How common are eye floaters in a 22year old male? Do every one have eye floaters? Does the doctor answering also have eye floater?

Very common. Hello Eye floaters are very common issues and if the amount is low/not noticeable every day than it is nothing to be worried about. Almost everyone has some amount of floaters and yes I too have floaters. Noticed them for about 20 years in myself. Read more...

Is it common to see some eye floaters when looking at the sky?

Yes, sometimes. Floaters are due to imperfections in the clear gel inside the eyeball, and tend to become noticeable as a person ages. Floaters occur in many people, and sometimes are more noticeable if one is looking at a plain blank surface such as a blue sky. Large numbers of floaters, noticeably increasing floaters, flashes of light, changes in vision, etc..., should be evaluated by an md eye doctor. Read more...