Medical reports of my father having alfafetoprotein (afp) is 11727.28 ng/ml, hepatitis b antigen 78.05 & HBsAG is >250iu/ml what is meant by report?

Elevated AFP. Given your father's history of chronic hbv infection and now with the marked elevation of afp, this is almost conclusive of possible hepatocellular carcinoma. Need to follow up with your primary care doctor, gi, and oncologist for further work up and definitive treatment.
Hepatitis B ; HCC. Your father has hepatitis b and his elevated AFP is concerning for a primary liver cancer called hcc (hepatocellular carcinoma). He should see a liver specialist to discuss options and possible treatments as soon as possible.

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Hepatitis b antigen negative HBV load is 13160iu/ml. Taking tenofo b for three months now HBV load is >20. Please suggest me what can I do?

Continue to take. You are a hepatitis B virus carrier. With the use of the antiviral agent, tenofovir, you have successfully suppressed viral replication, which will help reduce the risk of hepatitis progression. This does not mean that you are cured however, and you will need to take this medication, as prescribed, otherwise you are at risk for viral reactivation and developing a drug resistant mutation. Read more...