My blood test showed total cholesterol 103, LDL 47, HDL 41, trigs 83 with pattern b ldl. Should I consider niacin for the pattern b?

Controversial. Your LDL is already low, as is your cardiac risk. There is no scientific data to show that altering particle size by any method, or taking Niacin in particular, lowers your risk of cardiac events.

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I went vegan few months back and got a full body blood test. My total cholesterol was 117 and HDL - 39 and LDL- 69. What does this mean?

Cholesterol levels. Congratulations those are very healthy levels! Generally, an LDL of less than 160 is recommended. Patient with other health problems such as diabetes or heart disease should aim for a level of less than 100. Read more...

Are these good cholesterol blood test results (units: mmol/L)? Total is 3.55 - Triglyceride is 0.70 - HDL is 1.37 - LDL is 1.86 - Non HDL is 2.18.

Lab results. The most important part of your interaction with your doctor is having a good detailed history (including your family history) and a thorough physical examination. Only then, a laboratory exam should be performed and an interpretation made in light of the previously obtained information. You don't look at only one piece of information to get an answer. Would you buy a house after looking at 1 room. Read more...