Will using a salt water nasal spray help prevent developing a perforated septum?

Perforated septum. A perforated septum can occur after nasal trauma, with drug use and after surgery. Saline sprays are neither here nor there in preventing septal perforations. Have your nose evaluated by a board certified otolaryngologist,
Nasal septal perf. If you already have an issue with your nasal septum that puts you at risk for developing a septal perforation, use of saline nasal spray will not necessarily prevent the perforation from occurring. If you have not done so already, see an ENT for evaluation and treatment of the cause. This may prevent the perforation.
May. If you have a dry nose it may help to moisturize the membranes. Dry membranes can lead to septal perforation, though there are many more causes.

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Have a perforated septum, recently prescribed rhinocort aqua nasal spray, worried it'll make my condition worse. Should I be worried?

Reason for concern. You need to be careful. Your concerns are valid. Consider saline nasal wash.
Nasal spray. Be sure to spray it onto your turbinates and avoid spraying your septum. Ask your doctor to instruct you in proper use of the medication.
Yes. Nasal septal perforations are a problem. They crust and bleed easily. Unfortunately using a nasal spray can sometimes aggravate the situation even though you angle the spray away from the perforation. You might be better to try to get the perforation fixed. If the perforation is small fixing it is relatively easy. Seek an experienced ENT physician who will be able to advise you in more detail.

Has anyone ever used salt water nasal spray?

Yes. Millions use some form of saline (salt water) spray through out the world.

Can someone tell me how to fix a stuffy nose without nasal spray or salt water or anything?

It depends. Try breathe rite strips like the football players wear. They provide quite a bit of opening of the nasal canal if worn properly. However, you should try to find the cause if it is chronic, whether allergy, infection, or anatomy.