Mri comes back with grade II to III chondromalacia patella, knee joint effusion with ganglion, longitudinal partial tear. Mcland lcl strain.?

Conservative Rx. Depends upon your primary complaint and whether there was a mechanism of injury. Chondromalacia(i.e.Cartilage wear=arthritis) is common and can cause swelling and pain. Collateral ligament strains/partial tears (mcl+lcl) should be managed well conservatively. Recommend seeing a pt for motion, strengthening, edema control. Am a fan of a stationary bike as well (nonimpact knee motion+strengthening).
Focus on symptoms. Mri needs to be correlated with symptoms. An mcl or lcl sprain is usually associated with a knee injury. Doubt ganglion is causing symptoms. Chondromalacia patella is common. Leads to pain in front of knee, under knee cap or behind knee. Pain with stairs, arising from a chair, running, prolonged walking. Need to see orthopedist to correlate MRI findings with actual symptoms.