Why is it so hard to breathe during triplet pregnancy?

Massive comprssion! Your triplets are usually all of the available space in their "room" (your uterus) and pushing up and compressing your diaphragm (breathing muscle) so that it is difficult to expand it downward into your abdomen when you are taking a breath.
Lots going on inside. In your abdomen and may encroach on your diaphragm which may prevent your ability to make a full inhalational breath. Thus, it may be hard to breath. Your obstetrician may be of assistance to help with some tips that may help during your pregnancy.

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Why is it hard for women to lose weight after a triplet pregnancy?

Depends. If the triplets were from fertility treatments - then those treatments do cause some issues with weight loss- either way the hormonal changes and usually the lack of any routine with eating well and exercising makes losing especially difficult after having 1 child - then triple all that with 3! good luck! ! !

Dr. Toldme tocome 11 weeks for retardation of 3rd fetus bcoz is weak aswell as notsafe to carry triplet pregnancy. Does retardation affect otherfetus?

See your doc. This is a very specific question that can only be answered by your doctor in your very unique situation. Triplet pregnancies are certainly possible and can be done safely. It sounds like your doctor is concerned with one of the triplets so there is need to clarify your situation with the doctor who knows you best.

Had my ultrasound in 7 weeks 3 days. Had triplet pregnancy. But one ofthe embryo is of size 0.49, others are 1.17, 1.11.?

What's question? You obviously have a very complicated situation here. You have a risky triplet pregnancy in which already at this very early stage, one of the fetuses is so much smaller than the other two. There are several options here for the pregnancy, as you are still very early in the pregnancy, but these options need to be discussed thoroughly with a high risk OB doctor known as a maternal/fetal medicine doc.

How do u know ur trimester after a IVF retrieval and 3 day transfer if u forgot when ur menstrual started in a mixed triplet pregnancy? I'm 13 weeks.

Trimester definition. You don't need to know your LMP if you know your date of conception (the day of transfer). You know you are 13 weeks. Trimesters are defined only by weeks gestation: 0-12 is first trimester, 12-24 weeks is second trimester, and 24-40 weeks is third trimester. So at 13 weeks you are early in your second trimester. Congratulations!

How do u calculate ur trimesters after a IVF retrieval and transfer if u don't remember when ur menstrual started in a mixed triplet pregnancy?

You can't but MD can. Without a last menstrual period (lmp) as a reference your md will use the date of embryo implantation, serial ultrasounds, and other parameters to assess the appropriate trimester.

What are the risks of disseminated intravascular coagulation after a single fetal demise @ 28 weeks. This a triplet pregnancy - trichorion/triamnio?

Risky. Though only a few case are followed after I fetus demise, but consumption couagulopathy are high to mother.
Varies. DIC can occur in this setting, especially if infection or what we call sepsis sets in. DIC can be low grade, and just be noted by some findings in the lab tests, or it could be fulminant, causing clotting problems which can be seen as a tendency to bleed from needlesticks, IV lines, and various mucous membranes. All these can go from mild to severe. It is a complication which is not so common.