7days cephalexin, 10days ceftin (cefuroxime) but still cough phlegm and runny nose. Symp. Improved but not gone. Why is the still pneumonia not gone yet? More abx?!

Probably atypical. What kind of pneumonia you had? Xray findings? If its atypical you probably need Levaquin (levofloxacin) or doxy or zithromax. Probably need repeat x-ray, legionella antibodies and other atypical work up. Or it could viral ( specially with runny nose) so in that case it will take sometime.
Revisit your doctor. Runny nose, congestion, productive cough are signs of rhino-sinusitis with or without bronchitis depending on how it looks on your exam. Pneumonia presents more severe with fever, chest pain, cough that needs more intense medical attention. You should come back to see your local doctor to be re-evaluated. Higher dose antiobiotics plus anti inflammatory might be needed if you have sinus infection.