What are the most common symptoms of endometriosis?

Pain before bleeding. Cramps are common w/ periods, but be suspicious of pain appearing 2 or more days before you bleed & goes away quickly after bleeding begins. As endometriosis worsens, pain keeps extending over more days. At its worst, it hurts pretty much all the time. Many don't seek help, thinking pelvic pain is a woman's "lot in life." often their mom had the same issues. Seek treatment! endometriosis scars!
Infertility & pain. While endometriosis is most commonly associated with pain as previously stated, nearly 20 years of experience with the disease, yields different thoughts. The most common associations are pain with periods as a teenager (unless the child was an exerciser) and infertility. Infertility is clearly the most common adult symptom of endo. We operate on many pain free patients with infertility.
Endo. Pain with menses that it is severe and incapacitating is the most common. Painful intercourse specially with deep penetration, fatigue, bowel changes. Premenstrual and ovulation pain could be present.