What if your back gums are swollen is it an infection?

Likely yes . Other causes of your symptoms are possible. See you dentist for a examination, diagnosis and treatment.
Possibly. If it does not resolve with simple brushing and flossing please see your dentist,
Probably. Brush gently 2x/day w soft toothbrush & pea-sized portion of toothpaste for 2 full minutes by the clock every day. Most important, floss or WaterPik daily. If it's more than 6 months since your last professional cleaning, schedule one. If inflammation does. Not fully resolve in 10-14 days, schedule examination with your Dentist.

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What is the best mouthwash to use when all your gums are swollen. I don't have a infection and I have a tooth coming tough?

Simplest is best. Simple salt and water is the best in this circumstance. A level teaspoon in a drinking glass of warm water should work. You should see your dentist as well. Read more...

I have a sinus infection, swollen lymph node on right side of my neck that is a little sore but I don't have a sore throat and my gums are swollen?

Upper teeth. Not sure of your question, but if your upper gums are swollen, it could be a tooth masquerading as sinus or even a tooth abscess infecting your sinus. You need professional care. Read more...
Oral infection. It sounds like you may have an early but possibly serious oral or dental infection. See a dentist or ENT specialist as soon as possible. Read more...