Why did they tell us the old bc pills didn't cause breast cancer? So many of my classmates have died since 1965

Controversial. It is very difficult to evaluate any drug's long-term cancer risk due to the number of years it may take to determine this. Every drug has side effects and one must balance the desired effects with potential risks, both known and unknown. The data re: bcps and breast cancer risk is contradictory based on studies to-date: http://www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/factsheet/risk/oral-contraceptives.
They did not. Tell you that estrogen containing birth control pills caused cancer because they do not. There may be weak evidence of association with life-long estrogen onslaught being a risk (pregnancy continuously interrupts this), but the association is likely in promoting a cancer already establishes and responsive to the hormone. Few would attribute bcp's to benefit the decreasing mortality since 1963.