Why are congressmen messing with womens health? I am looking at having to pay my way since no insurance.

Politics. The major political forces calling for no government regulation in the affairs of corporations and financial companies, are the same ones calling for serious government intervention in personal private lives. Since the authors of these programs are male, they focus their efforts on restricting women's rights which includes contraception and pregnancy terminations. Be alert and vote.
Political BS. There is nothing in the constitution or bill of rights that gives the congress or the president any delegated "powers"to define or limit your health care. Over the last 100 yrs we have seen the fed become our overlords.They take money from corporations and give control to insurers or regulators.It is time to vote them out and take back healthcare.The choice should be between you and your doc.
Politic short term. Write your congress representative. Tell them your point of view. It's a democracy when the people tell their representatives what they want and need.