What's electronarcosis? Does it induces convulsions like electroconvulsive therapy

Electronarcosis. Soviet psychiatrists would run low voltage electricity through a patient's head to induce a sleep state, but not enough to induce a seizure. They apparently thought it had therapeutic benefit ( at least for the state, until they. Got their electric bill :). It is no longer used.

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What's the difference between electronarcosis and electroconvulsive therapy since both induce unconsciousness lol?

Quite a lot! Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a treatment for severe depression when nothing else works. An electric current is passed through the brain to cause a brief seizure while the pt is under general anesthesia. Electronarcosis uses a weak electric current to induce unconsciousness--sometimes used by biologists to study or radiotag fish! am not aware of current use in humans. Read more...