Do blood clots from varacose veins stay in your legs?

No. Blood clots in your leg veins either dissolve away with time or scar down and obliterate the vein. The larger the vein the more likely the clot is to dissolve naturally. This may take several months and will happen from the inside out so that the vein may feel hard and thick until the process is complete.
Maybe. Depending on how close the clot is to a deep vein, there is a chance they could migrate and create an embolism in the lungs - a dangerous condition. If they are more than 5 cm away from a deep vein, this is unlikely and treatment is only with a compression stocking, Ibuprofen and warmth. If it is closer than that, it should be treated as though it were a dvt.

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Pain in both legs all the time-constantly massaging them. Noticed my veins were very blue but may be overthinking because I'm cared of blood clots.

Pain in the muscles. or soft tissues of the legs would typically be due to muscular fatigue or injury caused by overuse. Chronic muscle tension associated with stress could also be a contributor. RARELY it could be due to a primary muscle disease. How blue one's veins look beneath the skin is largely determined by how close to the surface they are and how thin your skin is.Nothing in your question suggests blood clots. Read more...

I have superficial blood clots in my legs and my veins burn is there something that can be done?

Blood clots. If you have superficial clots in your legs then you should see a vein specialist for a full venous evaluation. If you have abnormal veins leading to clots then these can be treated. Also you may need an evaluation to see if your are prone to clotting. Read more...