Metabolic syndrome could be treated I lost 25 kg now my weight 84 kg my tall 178 CM but I still have high trig. And my heart beat some times quick?

Metabolic syndrome. Check out http://goo.Gl/xqioyl for american heart association's definition. Your weight loss is commendable but your body mass index (http://www.Nhlbi.Nih.Gov/guidelines/obesity/bmi/bmi-m.Htm) is still too high at 26.5 (should be.

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I have lost 15 kg with healthy diet and proper walk but now I feel my heart beat becomes really fast and darkness infront of my eyes and yes iam O.Wei?

Congratulations on. the weight loss but you need to do that under the supervision of your doctor. Please see him/her now because your rapid heart beat needs to be evaluated because it MAY become dangerous. Peace and good health. Read more...